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A message from everyone at E-Trading & Business Services Ltd
This new and exciting tool for your business has actually been around for several years.
Have you ever wondered how some of the country'sí leading retailers in the tool industry are so successful.
Itís not luck!!!

The answer is that they employ a number of basic principles to make their business the best.

You will have heard the clichť that if you canít work harder then you have to work smarter.

Well here is the smart part.

We have worked with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop a tool so powerful it has enabled them to gain substantial growth in sales & market share, plus staggering efficiencies of time & labour, whilst empowering them with information to make the best business decisions.

We now feel the time is right to offer this same opportunity to selected retailers.

You will be amazed by the ease and speed with which once time consuming and labour intensive tasks in your business can now be performed. The richness of the information at your fingertips will provide you with an invaluable insight to empower you to be a winner too!

We would like to say a personal thanks for encouragement, enthusiasm, patience, and input to the following friends and supporters:

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