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Time to Break with Tradition 

We feel it is fair to say that most business systems have traditionally been based around a core of accounting modules and ledgers.
Products such as Sage, Pegasus and others have been around for many years and lead the market in Ledger based business accounting systems. They are well developed and do a good job, so we say why re-invent the wheel?

Let the accountants do the accounting! 

TABS for Tools is all about Trading - Buying & Selling. Itís about the real sharp end of the business, where deals are done and the real money is made. 

We can help you do what you already do now, but Better, Faster & Cheaper.

We can help you do more of what you do now.

We can help you do new things, in new ways, to new markets & new customers.

And you do not have to displace your existing accounts system; youíll probably get more efficient use from it, using it for what it was really intended.

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