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Smart Selling?   (Be honest)

Here are a few ideas to help you exercise your grey cells—food for thought. 

What causes queues at your sales counter?

  • Is it missing or incorrect pricing
  • Is it incorrect description or bar code
  • Is it not having the product set up on your system
  • Is it a customer asking have you got…….when can you get… much will it be
  • Is it handling the payment type
  • Is it because you are on the phone
  • Is it because the till drawer is so full it won’t open 

Do customers actually come into your premises, wander around, and then leave without buying?

  • Do you know why
  • Do you have any empty pegs or spaces in displays
  • Do you know how much profit you make per square foot by product
  • Do you know how much you turnover per employee 

Do you make most money from:

  • Selling one big expensive item
  • Selling promotional items
  • Selling lots of small expensive items
  • Selling lots of small run of the mill items 
  • Selling accessories
  • Selling consumables

Are your best customers

  • The ones who ring around to find the cheapest price
  • The ones who buy the most expensive items
  • The ones who are in every day for something

If a customer buys an item which has accessories or uses consumables:

  • Do you tell him about them
  • Do you up-sell at time of sale
  • Do you contact him regularly to stock him up

Do you know the name, address, email, & phone number of all your customers?

  • Do you call them with offers
  • Do you mail them with promotions
  • Do you send them catalogues
  • Do you email them with offers
  • Do you have a product specialist, rep or trade contact
  • Do you sell on EBay, Suppliers Website, Your Website
  • Do you keep email addresses
Answer every line of every question:

Award 5 points for each Yes

Deduct 5 points for each No

If your total is a Negative number you need to take action. Contact us today.

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